InkJetClean Printable Cleaning Fluid




  • Easily unclog your print heads without removing them.
  • Save money by reducing expensive printer technician charges.
  • Reduce the downtime of your printer caused by clogged print heads.
  • Improve the print quality of your printer with cleaner heads
  • Guaranteed to work with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh use the same formula inks. You can now buy one cartridge and a set of interchangeable computer chips for 4 or 6 color digital printers. Now the price is a total cost $189.90 for 4 chips (C/M/Y/K) or $199.90 for 6 chips (C/LC/M/LM/Y/K).

After that you only have to buy replacement cartridges and reuse the computer chips. This should remove any price concerns that you or your customers have!!

GSLP – GAP Suggested List Price

Roland Printers, Mimaki Printers, and Mutoh Printers:
One 220 ml cartridges – GSLP: $99.95
Replacement 4 Chip Set – GSLP: $89.95
Replacement 6 Chip Set – GSLP: $99.95