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  • Easily unclog your print heads without removing them.
  • Save money by reducing expensive printer technician charges.
  • Reduce the downtime of your printer caused by clogged print heads
  • Improve the print quality of your printer with cleaner heads.
  • Guaranteed to work with a 30-day money back guarantee.

InkJetClean is a revolutionary new product which allows you to unclog and clean your print heads without removing them from your printer. Unlike the OEM cleaning formulas which are made of solvents that are a component of the OEM inks, our proprietary cleaning formula is designed to actually breakdown the inks and clean out all of the unwanted deposits throughout the printers internal ink transferring and delivery systems.

In addition, our InkJetClean Cartridges come with a Pre-Treatment Gel that is applied to the print head prior to initiating a cleaning cycle that penetrates each nozzle to help breakdown the difficult ink deposits that cause deflections and clogs. InkJetClean is programmed to print through the print heads just like ink, which provides more velocity to clean out the unwanted deposits and clogs compared to the suction created by internal pumps that the OEM cleaning formulas rely upon.

InkJetClean’s proprietary cleaning formula that actually breaks down unwanted ink deposits combined with our Pre-Treatment Gel and our ability to fire through the print head just like ink, allows you to unclog and recover print heads with a significantly higher success rate than the OEM cleaning formulas. InkJetClean can be used to recover a clogged print head and it can also be used as a regular maintenance to extend the longevity and print quality of print heads. Just like changing the oil in your car extends the life of your engine, using InkJetClean as a regular maintenance for your printer allows you to enhance the print quality of your printer and to extend the life of your print heads by regularly eliminating the unwanted ink deposits that eventually cause problems.

No modification to your printer is necessary to use InkJetClean. It comes in individual cartridges for Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printers and each cartridge is good for at least five cleanings. Our InkJetClean cartridges are like a standard ink cartridge with an ink chip which allows it to print through the print head like ink. The cartridges come programmed with the ink type and color which matches your ink set. We have cartridges for all of the Eco-Solvent and Mild Solvent OEM inks. Just remove your ink cartridge and insert your InkJetClean cartridge and you can start cleaning your printer.

We are so confident that the end users of our InkJetClean Cartridges and Pre-Treatment Gel will be completely satisfied that we are offering a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Return the cartridges(s) within 30 days of the purchase and we’ll refund your entire purchase amount.