InkJetClean User Instructions


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InkJetClean Instructions

PHASE 1 – InkJetClean Pre-Treatment Gel Instructions

  1. Before using either the InkJetClean Pre-Treatment Gel or the InkJetClean Cleaning
    Cartridge, print a nozzle check on your printer for comparison purposes.
  2. Remove the ink cartridge for the ink color you want to recover. If your printer uses 2
    cartridges per color, then you need to remove both cartridges.
  3. Use the printer control panel to move the carriage from the capping station to the platen. If you are not sure how to do this, refer to your printer operations manual for instructions.
  4. Before applying the InkJetClean Gel, do a spot check under the suspected print head to make sure there isn’t any loose debris which might scratch the nozzle plate when you apply the Gel. Use a small LED light if necessary to see under the print head.
  5. Use a printer swab to coat the underside of the print head (nozzle plate) with the Gel. Try to focus the Gel on the location of the print head nozzles. The DX4 print head has two banks and the DX5 has eight banks.
  6. Use the printer control panel to move the carriage back to the capping station. Let the carriage sit in the station for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Let the Gel sit on the print head for no more than 30 minutes.

PHASE 2 – InkJetClean Cleaning Cartridge Instructions

  1. Insert the InkJetClean Cartridge(s) into the ink slot(s). Check the label on the back of
    the InkJetClean Cartridge to make sure it corresponds with the ink type and color you are replacing. Otherwise the printer will not recognize the cartridge.
  2. In order to bring the InkJetClean fluid from the cartridge to the print head you will need to do ink fills or strong cleanings at your printer control panel. You may be able to limit the fill to a particular color or colors to minimize ink waste. Consult your printer manual to find the best procedure to do this. You may have to do this procedure 3-5 times before InkJetClean reaches the print head.
  3. Load an absorbent media into the printer to catch the InkJetClean fluid when printing. We recommend our Clay Coated Paper (Item #GP-9000) available in various size rolls. It has a barrier on the back to keep any fluid from reaching the platen. It’s important that fluid not enter the vacuum holes on the platen. Don’t use InkJetClean on banner or vinyl decal material. These materials will not absorb the fluid properly.
  4. Once InkJetClean has reached the print head, allow 10-15 minutes for it to break down some of the deposits in the ink lines and print head.
  5. After the wait time do 2-3 normal cleanings to flush the deposits out of the lines.
  6. Using your favorite DTP program create a large square approximately 34” x 34” in the
    color you want to recover. For Light Magenta or Light Cyan give the color a 35%-40%
  7. Print the square using a heavy ink profile such as Canvas and 4-8 passes at 720 dpi.
    The lower the passes, the faster InkJetClean removes ink deposits.
  8. Run a nozzle check to see the nozzle conditions. Compare the check to your initial
    nozzle check. Repeat cleaning, printing and nozzle checks until you are satisfied with the quality.
  9. Replace the InkJetClean Cartridges with your printing inks and do the necessary
    procedure to return the ink to the print head.
  10. You can go back to printing jobs.