InkJetClean Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about our NEW INKJETCLEAN cartridges:


InkJetClean from GAP – Graphic Accessory Products is a fantastic product!

I shot a video detailing how this product works for USCutter and got to see how it works firsthand. Through the use of a pre-treatment gel which is applied directly onto the print heads, and a series of solvent filled cartridges, this powerful system will unclog and clean out the toughest of nozzle issues.This system is ideal for printer owners who are are out of warranty. It makes it possible to clear out a problem and be back to operational printing status the same day, without the expense and time of hiring a technician to fix the issue! Simply replace the ink cartridges with InkJetClean cartridges, apply the pre-treatment gel and run the printer’s normal cleaning cycle to flush out the nozzle clogs! The customer was EXTREMELY happy with the results that were achieved with this system. I have attached a photo showing the before and after for the actual machine we used. You can see from the photos that some of the nozzles that were not spraying at all were able to come back to operational after running theis system. More importantly, the RESOLUTION on the test lines is greatly improved in the ‘After’ photo. It is easy to see how much more clarity is present in the test lines in the print on the right, after the InkJetClean process was finished. In this case, the customer was very happy and eager to get back to printing, but I am sure that the results would be improved EVEN MORE with a few more cycles of the cleaning system. Another great thing about this is that even after running several cleaning cycles, the cartridges still contain enough solvent to run more, making this product an even greater value overall!

Print Test Before Using InkJetClean
Print Test After Using InkJetClean










I would definitely recommend this product to a customer with an older/heavily used machine, who wants to get better results and not have to pay an arm and a leg for new print heads! See our product first hand.

Max Reinhart
Visual Marketing Coordinator
US Cutter